May 19, 2014

When iFeel Like Posting , iPost

Hey human , God's slave , beautiful features. How are you guys doing? (:

Have you ever lost yourself for once? I mean your ownself? I've been through that kind of situation. Now only I know its not easy to get your strength back. To fight your weaknesses when that's the only thing left inside your body and soul. And those weaknesses which influenced you to think positively , like your brain has rotten and burned by some none logical discriminations. I think my latest status that I updated on my Facebook account has conditionally or unconditionally hurted some of people's small hearts around me. I'm so sorry. At that time , I just felt that I really upset for not getting the Foudation course that I've applied which I think it's highly qualified for me. You know the feelings of frustation when you see everyone arounds you is being so happy for getting what they want , I mean be having the same things that I wished. Okay, I'm not saying that the Diploma course , (any kind of courses) , is not good. Just that I didn't satisfy with the result that I received as I know that I really hoped for that. Yknow I put high aim for that. I'm sorry again.Oh , I promised my parents to struggle in Matriks and continue Degree in a better place , better choice. Inshaa Allah . I want to takePharmacy as my first choice. Pray for me , I'll pray for you guys. Always. I'm not perfect, I'm only human. I make mistakes. I grew up and learned from all of them. Bye , Assalam :')

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