Apr 22, 2014

Mmmm Yeah Yeah

Hi blogger , Hi readers . How ya doing ? I hope youre doing fine since you can read my post lol .

So , basically I'm frustated right now . My mode is so not turn on and more likely to be-upset-24/7. It's not because I just broke up , hell yeah I dont even have a boyfriend lol . Haha . Oh , correction I have many boyfriends but then I dont have anyone who's special and steal my heart yet . I'm fine with it .Being single is quite cool yknow . You dont have to bother yourself with confusions , emotions that bring you down ,endless fights , painful hurts , those bad parts of relationship . No I do not mean that people whose in a relationship is sucks and so lame . I'm just actually trying to say that at least yes you dont have your partner , yet still you have strong reasons to defend yourself why you would prefer to be single for now . Its not wrong , its not wrong either to fall in love . It turns haram when you make yourself close to zina and bring along your partner and then your pride will be decreased slightly . Too bad to judge , we're all grown up . Hence , yknow which one is good for you and which one that harms you . Back to the topic . Yknow why am I feel so sad and deeply down lately . Its because I failed to get MARA's scholarship and also the interview in UKM for the Asasi Pintar course . I'm so scared yknow . I think my result is not that bad , I mean not like I got G's mostly . So , I feel like those qualifications are still on my side but then what to do maybe its not my rezeki . I hope that , I really hope there will be another offers for me man . Damn , I seriously want to continue my studies and I wont never dissapoint my parents . I dont want to burden them and make them feel worried . They've done their best for me . I really want to study and then make a success pathway and pay them back . Now I could only afford to give my loves . Verily they always accept my flaws and my imperfections . They still give me support through up and down even though I know deeply in their heart they were frustated as I didnt get the govern's scholarship . I hope you will pray for me . I'll pray for you too and of coz always . Im that kind of person that has a huge feelings of insecurity , curiousity , scaredness and awkwardness depends on the situation that I've to face . But mostly I always look like  I am the one that love to act like I don't care and being ignorance towards something and just let the people around me tell me the thing that I already realise it's existence then . Apa aku merepek ni , aku dah mengantuk dah ni . Thanks for listening , my inner voice that I keep it silence in front of the world coz I know that sometimes you just need to release it all by yourself . It's all about your pain that its enough for others know how you solve and the solutions not how it happened then . At least , I'm still thankful because I'm stil breathing here . Yeah , Amin . Bye , aku patut bersedia untuk hari esok yang lagi ceria yeah minta minta berkurang nada melankoliku . Assalamualaikum and have a nice day everyone muah . 

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