Mar 25, 2014

An Unexpexted Conclusions

As if you open up your tv or you listen to the radio , all is about the misteriously missing flight MH370 . As a part of Malaysians , my deepest condolences goes to all the victims , those 260 passengers and the pilot in the flight and also to those family victims . Just imagine that you're on their shoes , you would not even tempt to watch the tv's , knowing that your hopes to see your lovely person in life that used to be by your side missing , dissapared from your view just like that without any good-bye or sayings of leaving . I feel so touched and honestly pity to those family victims . Furthermore , we also hear those speculations , rumours and expectations from many people around us , near yourselves . Those who make fun of this news deserve to get judged by God so that they will realise other people's feelings and take things more serious next time . As an 18 teenage , I only can pray to God and ask Him to protect them and make a du'a so that they hopefully will rest in peace . We can see the face of sadness and depressed from our Prime Minister when he told the breaking news to the world press and as one of his citizens , I could feel his feelings while giving the speech and facing crowded media people . The missing of this flight really shocked Malaysians on 8th March of 2014 . That time I was one of the PLKN trainees and as you know we're be treaten strictly there and we're not allowed to use our phones except for weekenends . As accidentally , this incident occurred on Saturday so it was been spread like a lightning in our camp and the first thing came in my mind is 'How could a big-huge-obvious-thing mysteriously missing and could not be seen ? ' . But the thing is no one actually knows how it started to happen and did anybody hijacked the plane or anything else . Only Allah S.W.T knows everything so thats why we've been asked to keep praying and never looses hope on Him . And now , the flight is confirmed ended flew in Southern East of Indian Ocean . To those family victims , be strong and be patient . God knos that you can face all this and He has His own reasons for everything that happens . Keep praying four your love ones and dont lose faith on Him . May Allah grant you strong willing to accept all these . And to us , we should recite them Al-Fatihah . Till then , Assalam .

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